Frequently asked questions...

When will your store front open?

We're hoping to be open early August. We were hoping for June but there have been many hurdles to overcome and we think we're finally in the home stretch!

Will you have any gluten free or vegan options?

Yes! We plan on having daily selections of both. But as a warning know that the donuts made without gluten likely are not celiac friendly. We'll be using a shared kitchen that handles all types of food so cross contamination with any sort of common allergen is possible. We want our customers to have options but to be safe.

Are you hiring?

Not yet.

Catering orders?

We'd love to help! We can take pre-orders for large orders over 100 minis. We don't have a catering license so large orders for events and weddings and such must be picked up from us. We're allowing ourselves one pre-order per day so if you have a special date in mind contact us for more info.